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Sava motor

  • by Jan Dudek
Sava motor

There is no point repeating the cliché that the motor is the heart of the e-bike and one of its key components. Sava uses two basic types of motor for its e-bikes, differing in their location.

The middle motor

The mid-motor location is primarily used on Sava mountain and trekking e-bikes. The advantages of this placement are as follows:

  • Precise and smooth transmission of motor power depending on the driving process.
  • quiet and smooth motor operation
  • ideal weight distribution of the bike, the motor is placed in the centre of gravity
  • by selecting the right gearing, you can influence the speed of the bike and the motor, thus achieving the optimum ratio of speed when riding
  • to achieve a lower consumption of the bike. The ideal consumption naturally affects the maximum range of your e-bike
  • easy removal of the front and rear wheels, for example when you need to replace or patch a puncture

On the other hand, the disadvantages of the central motor are:

  • higher emphasis on the quality of the shifter and derailleur adjustment
  • lower wheel chain life compared to a normal wheel
  • low motor resistance when riding unassisted

We use two types of centre motors for our e-bikes. Bafang and ExtraDrive 500, a motor developed for Sava by Shengyi. We offer an extended warranty of 5 years for this ExtraDrive 500 motor.

motor Sava

Sava electric bike mid-motor parameters


Rear motor

We choose this location for Sava folding, gravel and mountain bikes electric bikes. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • the motor does not put any resistance when switched off. Therefore, it will run without problems even with a smaller battery capacity, which is what you will appreciate with folding and gravel bikes
  • instant acceleration of the bike, again suitable for urban traffic
  • minimal servicing requirements

Of course, there are two sides to every coin. And where there are advantages there are also disadvantages. In the case of rear motors these are:

  • uneven distribution of the bike's overall weight and the resulting poorer handling. Therefore, an integrated battery is better than a battery on the rear rack, which puts even more strain on the rear of the e-bike
  • poorer drive sensitivity when riding due to the lack of a pedal pressure (torsional) sensor
  • poorer efficiency against centre motors at higher battery loads
  • if you need to replace the rear wheel tube you need a special wrench

motor Sava bike

Sava electric bike rear motor parameters


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